Hard Truths of Life

1. It is up to you.

You and you alone are responsible for every part of your life. If you want to get a job in a certain field, you have to get the education and skills necessary. If you want to get into good physical condition, you are the one who has to change your daily habits, routine, diet, and activities. Don’t like who you are? It’s up to you to change. All the problems you face at home, at work, in your personal life, with your family, or with your friends, can only be resolved by you. They won’t go away and they won’t solve themselves. There is no secret hack. There is no program or product that will change you overnight.

However, there are also opportunities, resources, companions, and methods that can aid you in all that you strive for. Seek them out. Humble yourself. Listen and learn from others. Surround yourself with good people that you can depend on and that can help you along the way. Look for opportunities. Take action. Try different methods. If something is not working, then change. Make mistakes and then learn from them. No matter what, do not give up the fight.

2. You are not special.

You are not exempt from any part of life and there is no part of you that makes you objectively better than anyone else. The rules apply to you just as they do for everyone else. You have strengths and weaknesses, good and bad habits, and virtues and vices. You are going to making mistakes. You are going to fail at times. You are not entitled to an

Yet, you are unique. Your personal skills, abilities, mode of thinking, and methods can offer so much to the world. Your experiences can help others learn and grow. Your characteristics can improve the quality of your family, friends, workplace, and community.

3. You are going to die.

Everyone has their time. Death is inevitable. Nature does not care how much money you earned or material wealth you acquired. Nature does not care about your social status. You don’t know when, where, or how it will happen. So, live well. Live each day as if it were a new life. Make every day count. Build your legacy. Inspire others. Love deeply. Then, when your time comes, die well.

4. You are guaranteed nothing else.

You might do everything right. Whether it’s being well prepared for a job interview or having a good first date with someone. Maybe it’s studying for a test or training for an athletic event. Whatever it may be, you can take every necessary step to pursue what you want and still, it may not come to fruition. Things go wrong for some reason outside of your control. Things may not happen simply because there is no opportunity at the moment. All you can do is your best and keep moving forward.

5. Time does not wait for you.

At every moment of the day, you are either moving one step toward or one step away from your goals. There is no stagnation. You are either in a state of constant growth or constant decay. You only have this single life to accomplish all that you want and with every passing moment, you are losing that opportunity. Time is spent whether we want it to be or not. It is our most precious resource because once spent we can never get it back. Spend it wisely. Be present. Take action in the here and now.

6. You have limits.

No matter how hard I try, I will not become an NBA all-star. I am five-foot-seven. I will never be an engineer or a doctor. I do not have the mindset for it. I chose to become an analyst, but I am also naturally inclined to succeed in that discipline because of who I am. I have a certain curiosity about me and the strength of visualization. I failed calculus but aced statistics. Also consider that we do not have enough time in this life to become everything. Simply put, we are all limited by the constraints of this world such as time, genetics, experiences, opportunities, and the decisions we make. Know yourself. Seek to be the best version of yourself. Own your decisions. Pursue your ēthos.


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